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Using LadySystem®

Read the instructions thoroughly before initiating the LadySystem® therapy. They will help you select the most suitable cones for your program and re-educate your pelvic floor effectively and safely. You might not be required to use all five cones.

The cone is inserted into the vagina (like a tampon) and is held in place by reflex contraction of the pelvic floor muscles (passive contraction) or by a little effort of voluntary contraction (active contraction).

The LadySystem® vaginal cone therapy may be temporarily postponed during menstruation as it may be difficult to retain the cone on heavier flow days.

Before using the vaginal cones

  • Before inserting a cone, attempt to urinate. If you need to pass urine once the cone is inserted, remove it first, and replace it afterwards.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure the cones you are using have been cleaned with water and mild fragrance-free soap.

    Do not sterilize the cones (they can be damaged if in contact with boiling water or alcohol, or if they are sterilized with ethylene oxide).

After using the vaginal cones

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Wash the cones that you have used with water and mild fragrance-free soap. Dry them with a clean towel and place them in their case.
relaxed vs contracted pelvic

Selecting the Most Suitable Cone to Use when Starting LadySystem® Therapy

The first time you use the LadySystem® cones, start with the lightest one. Insert cone No 1 into the vagina (like a tampon) with the cone tip and the nylon cord pointing downward (see illustration beside). You can use water or a water-base lubricant to ease insertion. Find a safe and comfortable position (e.g. support yourself standing next to a steady surface with your legs slightly apart or with a leg lifted up on a chair). Be careful not to slip or fall.

The cone should be near vertical in the vagina, with the nylon cord outside. If the cone is in the correct position, it should be held in place by a slight passive and active contraction.

However, if the cone stays in place with no effort on your part (without any active contraction), it means that the cone is too light. Remove it by gently pulling the nylon cord down and repeat the above procedure to insert the next heavier cone.

When you feel that you have to make a slight effort to hold the cone in place, it means that you have found the right cone to begin your program. Now, follow the steps described hereafter (starting the LadySystem® program). Otherwise, remove the cone and try the next cone until you find the right cone to start the program.

The nylon cord of the cone is very strong and unbreakable with normal use. If for any reason (e.g. incorrect insertion) you cannot find it, simply stand upright and relax. The cone will descend under its own weight and come out. It is advisable to wear tight underwear to retain the cone in case it slips out accidentally

Insert cone
(like a tampon) with
the cone tip and the
nylon cord pointing downward
selecting cone

Starting the LadySystem® Therapy

  1. Gently insert the chosen cone in the vagina with the cone tip and nylon cord pointing downward. The objective is to hold this cone comfortably for 15 minutes without any particular effort while standing, walking, or doing your daily activities (the program will not work if you are sitting or lying down).

    Using the cones for more than 15 minutes will not accelerate the process of pelvic floor re-education and could cause temporary muscle fatigue (discomfort) following the exercise. Remember that the strengthening of any muscle takes a certain time.

  2. Practice this exercise twice every day, for about two weeks or until you can easily hold the cone for 15 minutes. After your 15-minute program, gently pull the nylon cord down to remove the cone. It is possible that, after two weeks of the program, you may still need to make an effort to retain the cone in your vagina. Keep doing your program with this cone until you can hold it comfortably without effort for 15 consecutive minutes.
  3. Once you can hold the cone without effort for 15 minutes, try the next heavier cone (e.g. No 2 if you had started with No 1) by following steps 1 and 2 above. Each time you use a heavier cone, you need to make a conscious effort to contract your muscles to prevent the cone from slipping out.
  4. Keep using progressively heavier vaginal cones until you find you cannot change to the next one. Use the heaviest cone you can comfortably support to complete your exercise program. Like any exercise program, LadySystem® therapy should be carried out on a regular basis to reach the objective.
15 minutes

Additional information

Some women may have a weaker pelvic floor than others and may need to use the same cone for several weeks. The objective is to be able to hold the heaviest cone you can comfortably support. The success of the program does not depend on your capability to reach cone No 5. However, if after three months, you do not notice any improvement of your symptoms caused by a pelvic floor weakening (e.g. if the frequency of urine leakage has not reduced), consult your health care professional.

It is recommended to have your health care professional evaluate your pelvic floor tone during your annual check-up, or in the case your symptoms recur. Your health care professional may suggest that you resume the LadySystem® program.

In such case, you will have to determine again which cone you should use to re-initiate the therapy.

You may feel temporary muscle fatigue (discomfort) following the exercise. If this symptom persists for more than a few days, or if you have other symptoms, consult your health care professional.

Keep LadySystem® out of reach of children.

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