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Vaginal cones and urinary stress incontinence

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What is the LadySystem® therapy?

LadySystem® pelvic floor therapy is a clinically proven and established method of re-strengthening the pelvic floor muscles using a set of vaginal cones and a system of simple exercises. It works with your body's natural reflex contractions (also called passive contractions or biofeedback), and it focuses the exercise on exactly the right pelvic floor muscles.

LadySystem® is simple and discreet to use and takes up only fifteen minutes to perform at home twice daily while you continue with your normal daily life. LadySystem® exercises the correct muscles in a precise and effective manner, giving fast results. Your symptoms should start to improve noticeably within two or three weeks, and clinical trials have shown that urinary stress incontinence usually resolves or improves within six to twelve weeks of regular use.

There are five cones of increasing weight (from 4.9 to 55 grams). You carry out the exercise using the highest weight you can support without difficulty. As your pelvic floor muscles become gradually stronger, you will be able to use the next cone up in the series and continue to progress in this way. The stronger your muscles are, the better your bladder is supported, and your symptoms are reduced, until the urinary stress incontinence is eventually resolved. LadySystem® allows you to observe and evaluate your progress, giving you positive feedback so that you stay in control of your own recovery. Make sure to read the LadySystem® Consumer Information leaflet thoroughly before starting the program. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional to discuss your unique situation.

Has LadySystem® been clinically tested?
Yes, extensively. This program has been investigated in clinical trials at major hospitals and clinics throughout the world since 1988. This successful method is recommended by gynaecologists, urologists, physiotherapists and midwives. Most women find the cones simple and easy to use because they work by using your body's own reflex contractions (also called passive contractions). The program is safe and natural.
How do LadySystem® cones work in strengthening the pelvic floor?
When you insert a LadySystem® cone inside the vagina, its weight causes it to move downwards and slip out. This action provokes a mild natural reflex contraction (also called passive contraction or biofeedback) of your pelvic floor muscles in order to retain the cone. This contraction is the specific exercise which strengthens the muscles. Using progressively heavier cones increases the intensity of the exercise, and therefore has a beneficial effect in terms of strengthening your pelvic floor.
Will LadySystem® therapy help even if I have quite severe urinary stress incontinence?
Yes, it should help improve your symptoms at the least. You should review your progress with your healthcare professional after an initial 12-week therapy, and then decide whether you should continue the therapy to improve further, or whether you may need to include other treatments as well.
I have recently had pelvic surgery, how long should I wait until I can use the LadySystem® therapy?
You need to wait until you are completely healed and have recovered from your surgery. Follow your healthcare professional's advice on when you should start the LadySystem® therapy.
How soon can I resume jogging and other sport activities when using the LadySystem® therapy?
You should restrict yourself to mild exercise routine such as walking or low-impact fitness activities while your pelvic floor is weak. You can resume exercises such as jogging only once you have completed your LadySystem® therapy and your pelvic floor has recovered its full strength.
Does the LadySystem® therapy help if I have urinary urgency or urge incontinence?
Yes, toning up your pelvic floor is always a useful first step for most common types of urinary incontinence. A strong pelvic floor helps you to withstand the sudden urge to pass urine, until you can reach the bathroom. Also, if you have mixed stress and urge incontinence, resolving the stress incontinence using the LadySystem® therapy reduces the magnitude of the overall problem, leaving you with fewer symptoms to deal with. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional as well, in order to address your urgency symptoms specifically.
I have been diagnosed with a prolapse. Should I use the LadySystem® therapy?
Most common types of urogenital prolapse are the result of a weakened pelvic floor, so re-strengthening the pelvic floor with the LadySystem® program can always be beneficial. Whether LadySystem® will be right for you will depend on the severity of the prolapse, and it is recommended that you consult your healthcare professional for specific advice on this.
Should I carry out Kegel exercises as well as using the LadySystem® therapy?
The LadySystem® vaginal cone therapy will help you perform Kegel exercises by targeting and strengthening the specific and proper pelvic floor muscles by means of natural reflex contraction or biofeedback.
Can the LadySystem® therapy be used at any age?
Any adult who can stand and walk, and who is physically and mentally able to manipulate the cones can use the LadySystem® therapy.
Can the LadySystem® therapy be used in preventive fashion?
Yes, the LadySystem® therapy has a preventive action. It can be used prior to or after childbirth to maintain the pelvic floor's strength and prevent the development of urinary stress incontinence symptoms. Make sure to read the LadySystem® Consumer Information leaflet thoroughly before starting the program. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional to discuss your specific situation.
Can I use the LadySystem® therapy during my menstrual cycle?
LadySystem® vaginal cone therapy may be temporarily postponed during menstruation as it may be difficult to retain the cone on heavier flow days.
Can the LadySystem® therapy help with my reduced sexual sensitivity?
Yes, reduced sexual sensitivity is a common symptom of a weak pelvic floor. Once you have carried out the LadySystem® therapy, your pelvic floor muscles will be firmer.
For how long do I need to carry out the LadySystem® therapy?

You should initially carry out the LadySystem® therapy from 6 weeks to 3 months on average, after which your symptoms should either have resolved, or significantly improved. Thereafter, many women choose to use LadySystem® for a few days at periodic intervals to ensure they keep their muscles in good shape throughout their lives.

In general, even in the absence of symptoms, it is recommended to have your healthcare professional evaluate your pelvic floor tone during your annual check-up. However, if you notice any symptoms returning, you should start the LadySystem® therapy again to get your pelvic floor muscles back to full strength. We would recommend that you check your pelvic floor muscle strength at least every six months, or more often upon discussion with your healthcare professional. To do this, try using the heaviest cone you reached during your LadySystem® therapy. If you find you can no longer hold it in, resume the therapy using a lighter cone until you are once again able to hold in your heaviest cone.

Can I buy LadySystem® at my retail pharmacy?
LadySystem® is also available at the pharmacy counter. Since LadySystem® needs to be pre-ordered by the pharmacist, it might not be available at the moment you need it. Print this PDF list of wholesalers distributing LadySystem® to pharmacies and bring it to your pharmacist; it will help him/her order LadySystem® for you if it is currently out of stock. When prescribed by a healthcare professional, the LadySystem® vaginal cone program may be covered by several private insurance plans.
Do I pay sales taxes when I buy LadySystem® at the pharmacy?
No. LadySystem® is now free of GST/HST and QST. Pharmacists have been notified, therefore they should not charge you any sales tax when you buy LadySystem®.

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