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Frequently Asked Questions

Vaginal cones and urinary stress incontinence

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How far inside the vagina should I place the cone?
You should place it so that it is completely inside the vagina, with just the removal cord showing externally. Do not worry about placing it too far inside, the cone will move downwards in its own correct position naturally, when you are in a standing position.
Is it possible to lose the cone inside the vagina?
No, there is no risk of losing the cone. If you find you cannot locate it with the tip of a finger, just stand with your legs slightly apart and relax, and the cone will slip to the vaginal entrance on its own.
I am finding it difficult to move from one cone to the next, what should I do?
Each time the new cone slips out, just place it back inside the vagina, and make a slight effort to retain it. Repeat this action for 15 minutes each time, and you should find that you can hold it a little longer each day.
If I use the cone for more than 15 minutes each time, will my pelvic floor muscles improve more quickly?
No, clinical studies suggest that no additional benefit is acquired by using the cones for more than 15 minutes twice a day.
Will it cause any problems if I keep the cone in for more than 15 minutes?
No, but you may overtire your muscles. Afterwards, if you find you can no longer support the same cone number, or if you are experiencing a slight muscular ache, take a rest from the exercises for a few days until the muscles rest and recover. Otherwise, you can continue doing the exercises as usual, keeping the recommended duration of 15 minutes twice per day.
Do I need to reach the No. 5 cone to resolve my pelvic floor weakness?
No, you should just try and get your muscles to their optimum strength, and for different women that will mean reaching a different maximum cone number. If you have progressed in cone number during your program, but find you can no longer move to the heavier one, just stay with the heaviest one you can comfortably hold in the vagina without much effort on your part. Then continue with this cone until you complete your initial 12-week program. Make sure to read the LadySystem® Consumer Information leaflet thoroughly before starting the program. It is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional to discuss your specific situation.
Do the LadySystem® cones contain latex?
No, the LadySystem® cones do not contain latex. Please note that the materials used in the manufacture of LadySystem® meet with all standards of pharmacological safety.

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